About Pauk Hosting

A side hustle turned into a business

Spider (Serbian: Pauk) is our Co-Founder, dear colleague, and a badass expert Linux and Network administrator that can make anything. And we do mean anything. More than 18 years ago, he started a hosting side hustle (multitasking because he has 8 spidey legs instead of 2) that became a real business. PaukHosting is a good example of how things, sometimes, take time to grow and need more than 1 set of spidey legs to help. But, you may wonder, why do we call him Spider?

Why Pauk?

"Before the Internet, computers communicated via a modem. People had to have a central place to pin and exchange their messages or play textual games. That place was called BBS (Bulletin Board System). Before I founded my own BBS ... and my own network of BBSes, I was a member of various BBSes first. Messages posted to various board systems were email predecessors.. One of those board systems, Blue Wave, had the option of adding a funny sentence at the end of each message. That sentence was called a "tag". At that time, we used pseudonyms, not our real names. One of my tags was:

///\o/\\\ There are no more bugs around here ///\o/\\\

I really liked that spider, and people found it interesting. That's how I became “Spider” in 1993.

Slobodan Gaćeša (Spider), Co-Founder of PaukHosting

Spider was last seen somewhere in Baranda, looking for workers to paint his fence and complaining how people say there is no work and yet refuse to work when work is offered.

The position is still open!!!