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Our dream is a Data Centre of our own. But on the road to getting there, what will make a difference is our Human Centre™.

Human Centre™ /ˈhjuːmən ˈsɛntə/ is our ™ name for our extraordinary client service that simply does things differently.

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People’s hosting provider of informed choice

We built this website with an ordinary-people-first approach because we understand that customers frequently have no idea what they need when buying hosting services. It is simply too much tech talk, and nobody wants to feel silly or unable to choose.

That is why our Human Centre™ was actively involved in building the narrative for this website. They are the ones talking to you every day. Our goal is to make sure you:

… feel taken care of

… are provided for by people you know you can trust and have a long-term relationship with

… don’t have to think about the details of the service (unless you want to)

… have ZERO negative feelings while choosing what to buy

We want you to really understand the service, and then choose us. Choose us because you know, not because of the fine print.


Customer retention rate

Some clients came back after figuring out that our service makes us special!


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