The Core Idea of PaukHosting

There are 2 sides to every story…

No domain left behind

Every domain is a territorial unit to be conquered and protected.

No man left behind

How we treat each other is how we treat you. And we leave no one behind.

WHO Are We?

Brands that only have the past are doomed to die in the present. Brands with only the future have no roots and have a low probability of surviving the present. A brand with a timeline has the power of endurance.

About The Name >

(How we turned a side hustle into a business)

Strong brands have a past they stem from, a present they thrive in, and a future they strive for.


We are the first generation of Serbian IT entrepreneurs

WHO we are


taking care & еnabling

WHAT we do


generations to come.


Our Purpose

We exist to take care of everything entrusted to us. Employees and clients.

Our Mission

Underlining the importance of humanity, emotion, and communication in information technology.

What we want to achieve

Leverage the human capital within the company to provide high-quality IT services.

What we want to give

Enable & take care of people with entrepreneurial streak by giving them size-perfect hosting. Help them build a (safe) online home.

Our Vision

We aspire to become the largest independent hosting provider in the Balkans in the next ten years. We firmly believe our Human Centre™ will help us achieve this goal.

PaukHosting Brand Values

Brand values are not about marketing. They are about our Human Centre’s behavior when nobody's looking.

1. Take nothing for granted
Growth is never over. Strive to be the best, but stay humble like you are the last.

2. Allow no chink in the armor.
Strive to have everything: marketing, service quality & hardware. Only by minimizing the weak spots can we have stable growth.

3. Choose network over profit.
Network builds profit over time. These are not conflicting sides, but network should come first.

4. Be honestly happy about other people’s success.
We experience pure joy when our clients grow because we understand that we can grow via the 'Pay-it-Forward economy' that helped build the IT sector in Serbia in the first place. Good karma.

5. Eliminate human dependencies, celebrate human contribution.
Clients should always be able to attach a human name to the service but use the full advantage of digital experience without human dependencies in places where human contact does not add value.

6. Make it easy to onboard, easier to stay.
Staying in the network should be a no-brainer, rarely questioned by the client.

7. Build as if you were using LEGOs.
Strive to use known building blocks differently, making something seemingly new by simply changing how things are combined.

8. If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.
If there is something to be done, the first person who notices it is in charge of taking care of it OR taking the problem to somebody who can.

9. Talk things out.
Use empathy and communication to resolve conflict and fortify relationships. If there is a problem, we need to talk about it & find a way to solve it. We also need to know why something happened. Unresolved conflicts & misunderstandings can fester and grow into something bigger. Admit (if there is something to admit), fix it, learn, and move forward.

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