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To take care of everything our clients entrusted us with, we have introduced some good practices that helped us retain our clients for 10 years on average. What sets PaukHosting apart is not only the things we DO but also the things we DON'T do.



PaukHosting Service Feature
How You Benefit
Customized Onboarding Session
Pay for what you really need
Not sure what type of hosting you need? You can contact our Human Centre™ for a live session or fill out a ballpark estimate online to make sure you pay for what you really need.
Pre-Migration Scan
Hacking and Malware protection
Before we transfer the website from your current hosting provider, we will conduct a pre-migration security screening, making sure your website is not infected with malware and/or hacks. Protection from day 0.
Painless Human Conducted Migration
You don’t have to lift a finger during migration
We will transfer all your files as they are (website, email, and databases) with the utmost care only a human being can provide.
24/7 Proactive Website Monitoring
A lifesaver for online business
Our team makes sure you have another pair of eyes monitoring your website in case of an emergency and an extra pair of hands to fix it.
Free Initial Server Hardening
Website security 100%
When we start setting up your new server with us, we execute comprehensive server hardening. That includes setting limits, access rights, firewall, antivirus, web application firewall, etc., making sure you have the safest possible starting point.
Custom Shared Hosting Plans
Your needs matched perfectly
We provide 6 plans with a possibility of a custom plan in case your needs are not matched.
Daily Backup for Managed VPS
Don’t wait for 6 additional days
In most cases, Managed VPS Hosting plans offer a weekly backup. We don't want you to wait for 6 days - that's why we have daily backups.
Unlimited Support
No additional charge
Contact our Human Centre™ via SMS, call, or a ticketing system whenever you have a problem, with no additional charge.



Things We Don’t Do
How You Benefit
Hosting Suspension
Not losing a day, hour, minute, or a second of revenue if your website and mail stop working because you filled your disk space, and the hosting provider did not let you know.
We use push notifications when our clients fill 90% and 100% of purchased disk space, BUT we let you spend and pay as you go without hosting suspension. We understand that building a good relationship means freedom, and we want you to know that we are truly different.
Limited Disk Performances
Limited Disk bandwidth and the number of operations per second are not limited.
Inode Limit
Having “unlimited” hosting but being limited in the number of files and mails you can save even if your plan size allows it.
We will not limit the number of emails you can backup to 3000 if you have 10GB disk space available.
Not Being Allowed to Backup a Large File
Even if your plan allows it.
We will not forbid you to backup a 1GB file size if you have available disk space.
Being Forced to Switch from Shared Hosting to VPS
When your disk space outgrows the plans offered.
We offer custom Shared Hosting deals tailored to fit your needs. Contact our Human Centre™.
Being Charged to Have Your Files Restored from Backup
Not with us.
Not Being Able to Restore a Single File from Backup
You don’t have to worry about rebooting your whole website to some date in 1993.
Feeling Alone When Problems Happen
Support means never feeling alone. Members of our Human Centre™ have been doing this for 20 years. You can’t possibly feel alone with us. 👪
Website Downtime
We have a 99.99% uptime guarantee. We leave 0.01% in case of a Zombie Apocalypse. 🧟

Support means never feeling alone.

Read more about our Human Centre™. See for yourself how safe you will feel if you choose PaukHosting.

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